SofIT OCR Animal Passports

Manually introducing data from cattle passports and cross checking with data scanned from eartags is a time consuming and error prone work. We have developed an application that allows extracting data from Cattle passports using OCR, cross check with information scanned from ear tags, organize work per projects and also per farm.

1. Extracting data from EU cattle passports using OCR in combination with image and text processing.

In order to have a good success percentage in extracting data from the various passport formats we are using several strategies from basic OCR to image processing and text processing. Also SofIT OCR reads bare codes or QR codes from passports when are available, for example the passports from Hungary have this feature:

Users can easily create a new Project and upload pdf files as resulted from the scanner:

Because each country has a different format of the passport, it is important to specify the country of each project.

The interface allows both drag and drop or selecting files. For scanners which generate just one large pdf we have implemented splitting per page. At the end of processing the files the user will be informed about the status and possible files with issues.

Processed files can be listed, viewed individually and also there is the possibility to manually edit some data having in the right side the original PDF for comparison.

As it can be seen in the image above fields like passport number, animal ID, birthdate, Sex and cow dam ID are read from the passports. Depending on the country some other fields may be read.

2. Cross checking the list of scanned passports with information read from ear tags

It is very important that the information from the documents match the actual data from cowshed. In order to archive this an user can upload an Excel file with info like animal ID, tag number sex which can be verified against the data extracted from passports. When the data is not matching the user is informed:

3. Organize work per project and per farm. Generate reports

An organization can have several farms, we have modeled this in our application so an Admin user can add several distinct “units/centers”. Regular users have access only to the unit to which are assigned.

In order to process passports a project needs to be created with a specific Country. Activity reports can be generated per user and per unit.